Louis and Zelie Martin lived in the small Norman town of Alencon, France. where their nineth child Theresa was born on January 2, 1873. Four year later the Martin family moved to les Buissonnets, a country cilia outside Lisieux.

Theresa’s siser Pauline entered the Carmelite Monastery of Lisieux in 1882 and in 1886 a second sister Marie entered the same convent.

On April 9, 1888, the fifteen year old Theresa entered the Carmel of Lisieux. For the remaining years of her life, Theresa remained with her sister at the Carmelite Monastery.

In 1895 Theresa started writing the story of her life. After her death on September 30, 1897 the autobiography, Theresa had written was published by the camel of Lisieux. The book soon become world famous as masterpiece in spiritual literature.

Theresa was declared a saint by Pope Pius XI on May 17, 1925 and her feast day is celebrated on October I.