Arul Malar Matric. Hr. Sec. School – Madurai


  1. For admission to L.K.G. the child should complete 3 years of age as on 31st
  2. Age prescribed for L.K.G. – 3 years +
  3. Original birth certificate and community certificate for verification and a Xerox copy of these should be attached with the application.
  4. Unless the Date of Birth is proved genuine by one of the following, the application will not be accepted. [Corporation, Municipal or Panchayat Union certificate]
  5. Correct information of all the columns should be furnished without fail to be used as a basis for the school records if the child is admitted into the school.
  6. Students those who seek admission from the other states [other than Tamilnadu] must produce their transfer certificate counter signed by the Educational authority of their District.
  7. Readmission is strictly forbidden to students who have taken T.C.
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